The Polished team provides a unique salon experience filled with personalized care and individualized service.  These dedicated professionals are beautifully polished both inside and out.  Under their skilled hands, they create a comfortable environment to relax, hangout with your friends, or even unload all your worries, while at the same time, polishing your outer beauty.   Because they share their talents daily with us, here are a few things we would like to share with you:

  • Years in the industry
  • Something exceptional
  • A beauty secret



  • 20+ year veteran in the retail & beauty industry
  • she has an extraordinary ability to balance 3 business, raise 2 kids, and retain a healthy personal life
  • Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits while helping to protect the skin from sun damage



  • over 2 years at Polished
  • a Photography degree and numerous publications
  • Solid Gold cuticle oil for your nail health


Nail Therapist

  • a cosmotologist since 2009
  • yoga enthusiast
  • you are what you eat, so add avocado/coconut oil or flax seed oil as a lubricant to add an extra kick


Aesthetician, Salon Coordinator

  • 26 years in the beauty industry
  • a Detroit transplant
  • take antacids before waxing to reduce inflammation


Hair Artist, Brow Specialist

  • stylist since he graduated beauty school at 18 years old
  • a USA Marine
  • women are always more beautiful when they smile


Nail Therapist, Brow Specialist

  • 30 year veteran
  • competitive ice skater for 10 years
  • beauty comes from within


Salon Coordinator

  • 2 years experience
  • always up to date on the latest trends & is never afraid to try new hair or nail colors
  • you can never be too polished or pampered


Nail Therapist

  • 16 year veteran
  • showed horses on a national level
  • Biotin helps grow stronger, healthier nails and hair


Hair Artist, Brow Specialist

  • 10 years in the industry
  • has traveled all over the world
  • drink lots of water for good health


Nail Therapist

  • 20 year veteran
  • loves country music
  • if she shared her secret then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore


Internet Manager, Salon Coordinator

  • just a baby in the industry
  • a Texas girl at heart & more comfortable in a pair of boots and hat instead of heals and lip stick
  • always wash your face before going to bed so you wake up fresh and radiant

Kimmie HKimmy-H-BW

Nail Therapist, Brow Specialist

  • since 2010
  • one of the few Vero natives
  • for that first day polished look, apply a top coat a couple days later

Kim McKim (2)

Hair Artist

  • 35 year veteran
  • trained in Dallas and owned her own salon for 23 years
  • curl your hair with a sock bun (ask me how)



Nail Therapist

  • 13 year veteran
  • has a grandchild whom she adores
  • put an extra top coat on your mani the next day to help it last longer